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When the temperature and humidity in the New York outdoor environment become more extreme, property owners like you will have to rely on air conditioning unit inside your home or business for comfort and convenience. Such would only be ideal if you have a fully functioning and efficient cooling system inside your property. However, if your air conditioning or cooling system is not functioning correctly, you & your family, employees & customers will have to suffer. In order to avoid such issue, early maintenance and quick response to system issues is a must, preventing it from turning into a worse and expensive problem.

When it comes to a dependable HVAC service here in the New York area, you can always turn to HVAC Experts Of Westchester NY or HVAC Experts of Yonkers for help. Here at HVAC Experts, we provide both heating and cooling system related services for both homeowners and business owners in the area. Not only that HVAC Experts provide an accurate HVAC inspection and maintenance, but we also provide HVAC repair services of any type of air conditioning system. Any make, model, or issue, our team of expert technicians is high-qualified and competent to deal with it. Get To Know More About Us!

At HVAC Experts our technicians and project managers are highly trained and certified. We have chosen the best talents in New York’s HVAC industry who are also dedicated to delivering air conditioning services that are unmatched in both quality service and materials. We see to it that our personnel always abides by the rules and laws concerning heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) that are designed for achieving safety, efficiency, and practical value. Apart from our services, we are highly reviewed and sought by our customers because:

  • We Offer Free Estimate & Consultation
  • We Are Licensed, Accredited, & Insured
  • We  Cater to Different Air Conditioning & Cooling System Brands
  • We Schedule Appointments Without You Breaking Your Schedule
  • We Provide Up-Front Pricing so That There Would Be No Surprises

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Essential Maintenance for Air Conditioning Unit

Remove Debris from the Unit

Leaves, dirt, and other debris will gather on the outside of your AC unit, which will cause reduced airflow. For that matter, you should trim any trees, shrub, or any other plants near your AC unit to avoid clogging and other air-flow related issues.

Straighten Coil Fins

Not known to most homeowners, the coil fins of your evaporator and condensers may easily bend, despite being made from metal. With those fins bent, airflow will be affected, causing inefficiency on its output. That is why it would be good to ask the help of a professional HVAC contractor here in Westchester, NY for the best solution.  

Change or Clean the Air Filters

Perhaps the most crucial maintenance tip that you should not forget to perform is the cleaning or changing of your cooling system air filters. Depending on your lifestyle, environment, and usage, air filters may need to be replaced frequently, if you want to avoid not just inefficient cooling function, but also the diseases that come with dirty filters.

Consistent AC Unit Maintenance

To have a secure and more effective maintenance for your cooling system, it is essential that you should only deal with professional HVAC contractor here in Westchester to provide you with the best HVAC maintenance services. HVAC Experts has both the experience and equipment to provide you the reliable HVAC solution.


Here at HVAC Experts Of Westchester NY, our technicians are skilled workers not only when it comes to HVAC repairs, for we are also experts when it comes to HVAC installation, preventive maintenance, inspection, and cleaning. We have worked with various HVAC projects, including residential and commercial HVAC.

If you want to achieve a prompt, efficient and affordable HVAC services, you should contact HVAC Experts Of Westchester NY for help. You may call us at (914) 228-2299 or visit us at 777 Westchester Avenue White Plains, NY 10604. And if you are in Yonkers, HVAC Experts of Yonkers is also your dependable partner, call us at (914) 214-9516 or visit our Yonkers office at 601 McLean Ave #4a, Yonkers, NY 10705 for a personal consultation and free estimate. Contact Us Today!