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Heating system breakdown in the middle of the winter season or any cold season is a pain for both homeowner and business owner. If your heating system will break down or malfunction on times when you need it most, it is important that you should not simply rely on your own knowledge or on the DIY instructions online. Although it may be practical, there is no guarantee on its ultimate outcome.

Here in the State of New York, particularly on Westchester County, homeowners and business owners turn to HVAC Experts for help. HVAC Experts of Westchester has the necessary experience and expertise to deal with heating system breakdown, as well as cooling system issues. Hence, leading us to be one of the best and highly reviewed HVAC Contractor here in Westchester.  Get To Know More About Us!


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What Are Common Heating Problems?


Problems with the Compressor

The compressor is said to be the lifeline of both the heating system or cooling system. That is why it is very important for a heating system owner to always check the compressor for some issues, which can be remedied by a heating repair. For if the compressor in a heat pump goes beyond repair, the whole operation of the heating system will fail.

Temperature Fluctuation

When it comes to the heating system, temperature regulation is essential, especially if you are into a business. One of the most common issues relating to heating repairs is temperature fluctuation, which usually happens when you have a broken thermostat or faulty temperature, regulators.

Low Air Pressure

Airflow and air pressure is essential when it comes to achieving an ideal indoor temperature, especially during cold season, like winter. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing low air pressure inside your property that affects the indoor heat. Some of the reasons include crushed, blocked, improperly installed or disconnected duct runs, and each will likely require an intervention of a reliable HVAC contractor to perform heating repairs.

Increased Cost

Increased energy cost of your heating system than usual may be a cause for alarm, especially if your utilization of such device has not drastically changed. In most cases, homeowners and business owners call for HVAC Experts to deal with the necessary heating repairs that will help in decreasing the bills.


Is Heating Repair Enough?

As a property owner, you should realize that heating repair may not be enough, for there are other more effective solution need to remedy your heating system problem. One of the alternatives is a heating replacement or new installation, and to help you decide, here are some of the things you need to consider whether to have repair or replacement of your heating system.



One of the factors to consider, when it comes to HVAC repair or replacement is the age of the HVAC. If your heating system is 15 years old or older, you might want to consider a new heating system for more efficient functioning.


If you start noticing some issues with your heating system, especially relating to efficiency, you should try to consider replacing some of its parts if not the whole with a new one.

Repair Frequency

One of the tell-tale sign that repair is not enough is its frequency. When it comes to heating and cooling system, the frequency of the repair is another factor to consider. When you are always having both minor and major repairs, then you might want to have your heating system replaced.

Repair Cost

If you are budget conscious, you should consider an alternative heating system solution apart from heating repair. If the cost of the frequent repair is almost equal to a brand new heating system, then it would be wiser to have it replaced than repaired. However, if the cost of the repair is more reasonable, then stick with it.


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